Winter 2020 story: From a bad fall to a wet winter

Written by contest-winner Sven

It’s winter time, the sky is blue and it is a sunny day. Alice has decided to go for a long walk to the lake, she dresses warm using a sweater(doesn’t have to be a hoodie), winter coat, jeans and shoes. For warmth, she wears nylon thights under her jeans. She also wears a woolen hat and gloves. Her hair is in un-braided pigtails. After walking to the lake, she walks up on the dock and sits at the far end, enjoying the view and thinking about going for a swim this summer. She get’s cold after a while, and she stands up to begin walking back. After a few steps, her Phone gives the attuned melody notifying her of an incoming text message.


She stops, takes out her Phone and smiles (or more like a lovesick grin) as she sees it’s from that cute guy. She starts texting and completely forgets about the world around her. Including Kelly. Kelly went to the lake with the same idea as Alice, dressed warmly in Jeans, sneakers, socks a shirt with cardigan/vest(I prefer a hoodie) and coat with furlined hood(NO REAL FUR OF COURSE!). She’s also wearing a woolen hat and gloves and her hair is in a ponytail. She’s walking up the dock, as she sees another girl is just standing up to walk away. Great, she has her ‘spot’ for herself and she walks up the dock. Kelly doesn’t really pay attention to the other girl, and doesn’t notice that Alice is walking while texting. She feels a small push at her hip, before a surge of adrealine when she realises she’s lost her balance and is going to fall in!


Alice feels a small push against her hip, and is pulled back into the real world as she hears a high-pitched scream and a huge splash. She turns to the noise just in time to see Kelly’s head emerge from the cold water. The look on her face from the shock of cold soon turns to a very angry look. Even when soaked, Kelly looked beautiful, but her eyes ‘could kill’. As Kelly swims back and climbs on the dock, Alice starts to stumble a halfhearted apoligy, overcome by the entire situatie. Kelly walks up to her, and demands why Alice pushed her in.

“I- I- I didn’t, it was an accident. I was looking at my Phone”, Alice mumbled, as she takes a few steps back to keep some distance between her and the angry women. “How can I make it up to you?” She asks? Kelly shows a friendly smile. “Don’t worry, I’ve got an idea.”, she says, as she grabs Alice by her coat with both hands and throws her off the side of the dock. Alice emerges from the cold water, extremely angry. She waves at Kelly with her Phone. “We’ve even now”, Kelly says. Unfortunately for her, Alice does not think so. “Alright, we are even”, she says as she motions Kelly to help her out.


After Kelly helped Alice onto the docks, Alice puts her Phone in her pocket and tries to push Kelly in again. Kelly resists, and both girls fall in with a splash. The look at each other and start laughing about how silly they look. “I’m Kelly”, as she reaches out her hand to Alice. “My name’s Alice, weird to meet you”, as they shake their hands. They take off their hats and gloves, and swim back to the shore. The climb on the docks again, open each others jacket and they jump in and play around in the water. After a while they climb on the dock to take off their coats and shoes, showing their socks and nylons before going for one last swim and picking up their stuff. They walk to Kelly’s car to drive them home.


“Great, Alice thinks. Now I have someone to swim with this summer. I should get her number for my new Phone”.